Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More on 1 Peter

After last night's excellent introduction to giving a Bible Talk, I thought I'd open up some of my lyrics for public critique. This is a song I wrote based on 1 Pet 1:1-13, which coincidentally Simon's preaching on this weekend! I wrote this draft about 18 months ago and it hasn't had much work since then.

If anyone wants to hear how it sounds, I'll do a quick-and-dirty recording of it later this week. In the mean time here are the lyrics. After last night's lesson, one question that should probably be asked is: does the song capture the big idea of the passage, or is it just scripture put into song? Feel free to comment on any other aspect of the lyrics too.

Living Hope
We have a living hope,
Through Jesus our Lord.
Stored up in heaven for us,
Our final reward.
Though now there is suffering,
Testing our faith,
We can rejoice
That it will not fade away.

Praise and glory to Jesus Christ our Lord,
Kneel in honour to the risen Son of God.
Praise and glory to Jesus Christ our King,
Give our lives to Him in daily offering.

Though we have not seen Him,
We love him just the same.
We believe in Him,
And our hearts rejoice.
Prophets foretold it,
This grace that is ours:
The suffering of Christ,
For our salvation.

repeat chorus

DSE 2005


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