Monday, November 13, 2006

What is 'Emerging'?

If you are interested in the emerging movement, then this paper (by Scot McKnight) is worth a look.


At 12:06 pm, Blogger Dave said...

Hmmm, interesting... but if you haven't read the article yet, I suggest having open in another window - I found myself struggling just to understand many of the words he used.

But on the words I did understand, hmmmmmmmm... he identifies some very valid weaknesses in the way reformed evangelicals behave, generally speaking. And I think we'd all agree that the Bible matters more than a particular theology or creed.

But there's something about it that doesn't sit quite right, and not because it challenges me to examine my own life (that's a good thing). I just don't know what it is.

And I'm ticked off about his Apple vs PC/Dell analogy - that's just plain wrong.


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