Sunday, October 29, 2006

Government to fund school chaplains

This is huge. We need to be praying about it and thinking what we can do...


At 6:57 am, Blogger Dave said...

Interesting idea... based on the report though, I'm struggling to see why people are so upset about it. It's the school's decision whether they apply for the grant or not, and who they put in the position. And if there's no requirement for "religious background" it can hardly be "overtly discriminatory" towards Christian chaplains.

But what to do about it, besides pray? Do P&C councils still exist? I think that would be something - encourage your kids' school to take a chaplain and apply for the grant. If it's something the school community wants that isn't going to cost the school anything (get an SU chappie who raises some of their own support to offset whatever the grant doesn't cover), and if you can remind any antagonistic principals of the benefits of chaplaincy, it would be tough to find a reason not to do it.

CathB, you're a chaplain, what do you think about it?

At 10:10 am, Blogger Cath said...

I think I'm furious and offended at the implications (by the people who wrote those RIDICULOUS letters) that this decision is somehow a promotion of intolerance and 'fundamentalism' (does anyone who uses that word actually get what it means!!!! grr.) Anyway, for the first time in my life I wrote a letter in reply. It probably won't get published but I've posted it below. It pretty much sums up what I think. I care about the teenagers in the world today and I'm devastated that they would consider suicide a solution to their problems. I'm sick of hearing that Chaplain=breeding religious intolerance. Ignorance doesn't breed tolerance...

Thought my frustration was under control. Clearly it just re-surfaced. Here's what I wrote:

'In my experience, students today do have BIG questions of a spiritual nature which are not being addressed by parents or in our state school curriculum at present. This issue is not about religious fanaticism. It's about providing our students with the very best opportunities for guidance at a school level, in as many forms as possible. Mr Howard is NOT talking about imposing doctrine classes on students. He's simply proposing that we provide an opportunity for students to seek further assistance and a forum to discuss their questions as they embark on the VERY difficult journey of being a teenager in the world today. Although not usually a fan of Mr Howard’s decisions, this is one that I applaud.'

BTW - Dave, yes, P&C (or P&F) groups do still exist and in many cases pretty much run schools!!! Get an angry parent group and watch out principal!!!


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