Friday, January 26, 2007

Modesty Survey

The guys over at Rebelution currently have a 'modesty survey' running. Written using a compilation of questions from women, men respond to the survey according to what articles of clothing/habits/etc are troublesome for them & what aren't.

I've had several conversations with girls along the lines of 'sure, we want to be modest, but how are we supposed to know what's ok & what's not, without resorting to a permanent potato sack?' The results of a survey like this should help to shed some more light on this issue.

So guys, head over to the Survey and make your voice heard. Be quick, I don't think it will be open much longer. Girls, there's a survey preview there for you to look at, but I think the most interesting info for us will be the results. I'll keep an eye on it & post again when they're released.


At 6:58 am, Blogger Dave said...

Just checked this morning and sadly, the survey is closed... we'll just have to look at the results once they're released.

Mind you, there was an interesting post over at their blog, from a girl who (in my opinion) just didn't get what the point of the survey was.

The entry is here: under "Feminism and the Modesty Survey".

Guys, girls, any thoughts on the issue?

At 11:30 am, Blogger Petrina said...

The survey results will apparently be released on Feb 14th. Will be interesting...


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